View Full Version : My PC hangs up when I start playing a game...Please Help!

Cannibal Corpse
12-02-07, 09:37 AM
Hey All,

This happens all the time: After a minute or so of starting a game (Crysis, Lost Planet Extreme Condition, BeoWulf, etc.) it freezes and I have to manually RESET (or turn OFF and back ON again) to the point that I simply can NOT play any games at all.

I just upgraded to an eVGA 8800 GTS 320MB from an eVGA 7900GT KO. (I didn't have that problem with my 7900GT KO, but then again, I only played last years games on it (Doom3, HL2, etc.)

Here is what I have done so far with not luck:

-Downloaded the LATEST nVIDIA drivers (from Guru3D and nVIDIA)
-Updated my motherboard drivers (nForce4 SLI AMD)
-did NOT install a single application, except games on a fresh XP Pro OS (No Virus Scanner, nothing)
-I play the games at 1024x768 games (but rest of Eyecandies to the max)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is my current configuration:

-DFI nF4 SLI-DR 'Expert'
-Opteron 146 (CABNE 0530 batch)
-Thermalright XP-90C
-Delta 92x38mm FFB0912HHE 2-wire (Got the 3 Wire version!)
-G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB DDR (G.SKILL F1-4000USU2) 2GB
-Enermax 620W PSU 'Liberty'
-74GB WD Raptor Hdd (revision 00FLC0)
-Pioneer DVR-A09-XLB
-Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS
-Gaming Bomb II (Black Colored)
-DELL 24" 2405FPW LCD
-eVGA 8800 GT 320MB

12-02-07, 10:44 AM
Download and install RivaTuner and see if downclockign it makes it stop. Sounds like you got a dud card dude. I went from a 7900GT to eVGA 8800GTS 320 in Vista32 and now Vista64 and had no issues with that card at all, worked perfect. Went to this 8800GT and had a dud card that locked up while gaming adn had to RMA it and now the new card works great (if I underclock the mem by 50Mhz). Also you should be gaming @ 1600x1200 lolz, who games @ 1024x768 nowadays? Especially with an 8800GTS.

12-02-07, 10:52 AM
Have you tried different resolutions? Maybe try playing games at native resolution for that monitor.

Cannibal Corpse
12-02-07, 11:58 AM
I just installed Vista 64x and it is fine now. Question:

Is Crysis a true 64bit game? I am about to install this game, and it gives the option to install in Program Files (x86). Where should I install rest of my current games?


12-02-07, 02:21 PM
I would not use Vista64 if you're using 2gb of RAM, as Vista64 will kill your performance in Crysis.

Also, I wouldn't use any 64-bit OS unless you have 4gb of more. :)

Cannibal Corpse
12-02-07, 10:07 PM
Actually it was overclocking related. I just lowered my CPU from 2.95GHz to 2.80GHz and NO MORE lockups since!


12-02-07, 10:24 PM
Glad you got it working.

So are you really a Zombie?

12-02-07, 10:31 PM
Get 2GB extra RAM & enjoy Crysis :thumbsup: