View Full Version : This is driving me nuts ?

12-02-07, 02:14 PM
Recently when playing games my system freezes it happens everytime, i know my gc and cpu are not overheating.

This whole weekend ive been trying to resolve it, ive even reloaded my display drivers as well as the amd and dual core optimiser.

I sometimes get the error something about display driver not responding and it looks like 16bit. i recently had a error message with a dump file but i never send the report, could some tell me where the report is located so i can post on here for someone to look at and figure out why this is happening.

I need some help, why cant it be last week when everything was fine.


12-02-07, 02:35 PM

I think ive found my problem, i have a few irq conflicts how do i fix them.

Should i disable ACPI and do i do that in bios