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12-02-07, 02:59 PM
I currently have a 17" CRT, and I'm thinking about purchasing this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009091
With Newegg promos, I get free shipping (saves $14), so it's $169.99 total.

Now I have a few questions:
Is Acer a quality brand, or does anyone have experience with their LCDs?
Is that a good price?
How is 19" compared to say, 17" or 20"?

Also, how big of a problem are dead pixels? This is Newegg's policy:

* Return for refund within: non-refundable
* Return for replacement within: 30 days
* There must be a minimum of 8 dead pixels to declare an LCD display defective and eligible for return.

Newegg.com sells many products such as Notebooks and Monitors that feature LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens. Newegg.com adheres to the dead-pixel policy that is observed by the majority of our manufacturers. In order to declare any product with an LCD screen "defective" and eligible for replacement or refund through any applicable Newegg.com Return Policy, there must be a minimum of 8 (eight) dead LCD pixels.

I'm going to be using it for games, movies, and internet, and I'll be sitting fairly close to the screen. I also have a pretty limited budget, like <$175 for spending on a LCD.

12-02-07, 03:25 PM
I have a 22" Acer, an older model I picked up a little over a year ago. It has served me very well. It is a no frills model, not much in the way of extra features, but it is a good monitor for gaming. I do however have one stuck pixel on the right hand side of the screen that might be fixable, but I just havent tried yet. With a low budget like yours, I'd highly recommend Acer, you won't be disappointed.

12-02-07, 03:26 PM
I have an Acer 24in. Widescreen LCD.... love it! :D The first one I got had some dead pixes... but I bought it locally and returned it with no questions asked. The one I have now is perfect... the other was probably damaged in shipping or something. Keep in mind though, a 19" widescreen may not seem bigger than a 17in. CRT once you have it because the distance is measured from the diagonal. I'd suggest shelling out for at least a 22", but thats just my opinion. To answer your question directly though, Acer is a good brand :)