View Full Version : Why are the colors wrong on some of my videos?

12-02-07, 10:54 PM
I'm using MPC and ffdshow and some of my videos (xvid or divx but not all of them) have strange color problems when playing back. It's like the hue is off (green) on half or part of the screen and I'm seeing faint double versions of the image. Like one of the color channels is offset. Didn't have this on my previous ATI card.

I have forceware 169.04. When I turn down hardware acceleration a couple of notches in windows, the colors fix themselves, but the overall video quality degrades - more pixelation.

Is this a known nvidia issue? any workarounds with sacrificing overall image quality? Maybe it's just a codec/ffdshow thing?

12-03-07, 11:27 AM
I get this sometimes after coming out of a long TF2 game... Just lower the desktop resolution and then set it back to normal clears it up for me. :headexplode:

12-03-07, 01:54 PM
I get this sometimes after coming out of a long TF2 game... Just lower the desktop resolution and then set it back to normal clears it up for me. :headexplode:
Will try, but this happens to me all the tiem on some videos, but never on other videos. It's sort of like a 3d effect that you're supposed to view using 3d glasses.

Someone must know what this is about?

12-05-07, 10:28 PM
Am I the only on with this issue?

12-06-07, 12:59 AM
Sometimes its ffdshow that has the issue with playback. I've gotten it a few times
Other times it may be the driver.

12-08-07, 10:50 PM
Any solutions. I just installed Vista and am dual booting it along with XP. The same videos play fine in Vista, but show the color problems in XP. So, this is obviously a codec/driver issue, just have to figure out how to fix it. I have reinstalled the drivers and ffdshow multiple times.

12-08-07, 11:14 PM
Its usually a codec problem.

There really isn't any definite way to fix it.

Uninstall any codecs or codec packs you have installed and then install the newest versions of the ones you need.

12-11-07, 08:09 AM
If it is the same problem as I had, I posted a thread about it on the Zoom Player forums (8800GTX in my PC, happened on XviD encodes), and I ended up answering my own problem :)

My thread:

The thread (sticky) in which I found the answer:

There are a number of fixes in that thread (I suggest reading the whole thread): registry key fix (XP only, apparently doesn't work in Vista), using a different renderer like Haali's etc - but I decided just to remove the ffdshow output options instead (unticked everything except RGB32). This was the easiest for me - yes, using Haali's did fix the problem too (didn't try the registry fix), but I couldn't quite get the video resolution right with Haali, so I changed back to VMR and just used the ffdshow fix. The thread mentions the nVidia 9x.xx series of drivers, but I can confirm the problem still exists in the 169.xx series on my PC.

Hope this helps.


02-05-08, 02:34 AM
The hue with XV (a hardware accelerated output driver) may be being set to an odd number. Not sure what changed, totem/gstreamer default or nvidia's. The following should fix it. It will also work with currently running xv output windows.. but you may have to run it whenever it plays up, until the fixes come into the distributions or the driver.

Install xvattr and run: xvattr -a XV_HUE -v 0

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