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12-04-07, 07:10 PM
About Deus ex 3

1UP: Let's start with the obvious question. Confirmation of Deus Ex 3 was really big news for a lot of gamers, but the press release didn't mention one fairly important thing: platforms that the game will be appearing on. Are you guys ready to talk about that? Can you at least tell us if the game will appear on consoles or PC or both?
Stephane D'Astous: Well, we did that on purpose, because we wanted to tease. I think we've successfully done that if we look at the forums and all the websites. What I can say is that our business plan here in Montreal, which was announced back in February of this year, basically we said that we are going to work only on triple A major titles and only on next-gen technology and PC. We're also going to have smaller development teams of 80 members at the peak, but by achieving that we need to give the dev teams at least a 24-month period of production. If you read between the lines, I cannot say exactly which are the platforms that we'll be working on specifically. It's going to be announced in maybe early 2008 or maybe summer. But we're not working on current or last gen, it's next-gen and PC.

1UP: And as far as a release time frame, you're not estimating until at least into 2009? D'Astous: Again this information will be more precise in the next press release, but if you understand our studio philosophy of having a 24-month production cycle, that gives you an idea of where we want to go. I fought for having a minimum of 24 months for pre-production and production, excluding conception, which can go quite a long time. Since we successfully passed this gate, we want to have a minimum of 24 months to do our job.

12-04-07, 08:05 PM
I doubt that there will be a PS4, xbox 3, or Gamecube 3 until at least 2011 at the earliest.

12-04-07, 08:17 PM
Xbox : Autumn 2001 - Autumn 2005 - four years

Xbox 360: Autumn 2005 - Autumn ? ?

Deus ex 3: Autumn 2009

12-04-07, 09:17 PM
I sort of agree. I seriously doubt Sony has any intention of releasing a PS4 for several years, since they still need to recoup massive amounts of money to break even on the PS3.

But, I honestly expect there will be a new XBox announced next year. Microsoft clearly can't get a handle on their hardware problems with the 360, since the newer units are dying at basically the same rate as the older ones. I'd imagine they are ready to junk the current hardware and replace it with something better and more reliable as quickly as possible.

If I recall correctly both Sony and MS said they wanted to keep their current gen consoles going for as long as the PS2 has.

As for a new MS console being announced next year, doubtful. However I will agree that MS is likely to announce a new version of the 360.

12-05-07, 01:03 AM
I wonder if the backwards compatiability from MS next console > 360 games would work. lol

12-05-07, 07:49 AM
I dont think we will see the next consoles for atleast another 5 years. Development costs are so high right now that if someone were to jump to a new platform the developers wouldn't follow since they hadn't reaped the benefits of this generation.

BTW did you notice how its said a min of 24 months? That means they could have a longer development cycle...

12-05-07, 08:13 AM
On the Tomb Raider anniversary engine eh ? I think it might even appear on Wii...