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12-05-07, 08:38 PM
Turismo 60s


- IMPROVED sounds for all cars
- NEW 911 RSR Wide body cars

BUG FIXES in Ver 1.02

- NEW dedicated to P&G mod car classes (hopefully no messing with other mods)
- NEW much improved multiplayer stability
- AI all AI controlled cars leaving pits now always.
- Better simulation of meccanical rev limiter. Be carefull to not speedshift on long races!
- Etype tyres values fixed.
- IROC brake bias fixed
- Abarth aero changes
- Mini wet tyres changes
- Various gfx fixes
and much much more...


- New Lotus Elite car
- Improved sounds
- Custom championships

BUG FIXES in Ver 1.01

- Confusion over properties of D9 and D12 tyre compounds - D12 now offers most grip with shortest tyre life.
- TR4 has no driver arms - fixed
- IROC championship crashes - warning added that you need the tracks to run this Championship
- Hood View produces clipping problems - fixed
- Some of the cars have pitlane speed limiters - fixed
- Mini can ground/jump on some bumps in some circuits (e.g. Wiesbaden) - Better ride height representation of the mini. still watch out on non original tracks.
- Spelling error on the IROC Porsche of Gordon John**** - fixed
- Rumblestrip sounds are almost "muted" - Ducfreak's suggested audio settings on screen capture.
- 911 RSR 3.0 rain drops stops on top of windscreen - fixed
- Some AI cars do not exit the pits - fixed
- Patcher rests in memory after exiting - fixed
- TR4, fuel indicator always shows full - fuel pressure gauge changed to fuel level gauge
- 26 E-type Lightweight (Sutcliffe) headlights not working - fixed
- If u try to host a single mark event online. Others can't join they get a non compatible message - fixed
- Some CTDs online - possibly fixed
- Gamedata\Animations folder, wrongly copied as Animation (missing final s) This can cause CTD - fixed
- LHD Cortina mirror facing wrong direction - fixed
- Feet clip pedals in mini - fixed
- Trans Am mustangs right front camber is limited to -1.5 while the left goes to -2.5 - fixed
- Alfa Romeo logo inverted - fixed
- Elite rain tyres much shorter than others - fixed
- Cycling when joining on-line race with some E-Type Jaguars - fixed

Cars included

Group 2

Mini Cooper 970 S
Mini Cooper 1275 S
Fiat Abarth 1000TC
Jaguar Mk2
Ford Mustang
Ford Cortina GT
Lotus Cortina (Works and Alan Mann)
Alfa Romeo GTA 1600

Group 5

Fiat Abarth 1000TC
Ford Falcon ('67 Alan Mann and '68 Weslake variants)
Alfa Romeo GTA SA

Single Makes 1970s

Porsche 911 IROC - About the 1973/4 IROC Series

Bonus Cars

Lotus Elite
Triumph TR4A
Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (4 and 5 speed)
Jaguar E-Type Coupe
Porsche 911 3.0 RSR


12-05-07, 08:43 PM
Thank you for posting but I actually believe that it is for GT Legends. :) I clicked on "mod" and read "Very important - You need a copy of GT Legends in order to install this mod" but further down they mentioned GTR2. :confused:


Choice of Platform

We believe that our mods will mainly appeal to those who already have the sim they are based on - GT Legends. However, the team's primary focus for its mods is GTR2 as this offers the options of weather and custom championships, as well as improvements in other areas such as on-line and fps. But it is planned to release versions of the mods for GT Legends at some point after the GTR2 version is out. You will need a GT Legends disk to install the mod in GTR2.

12-05-07, 08:47 PM
Its a mod for GTR2, but since it borrows parts from GT Legends, it will ask you to proove that you own GT Legends.