View Full Version : Multi-monitors question

12-08-07, 03:38 PM
I have here a pair of 22" LCD panels running at 1680*1050 each, on an 8600GT graphics card. This is great and everything, and I can use the displays in Single (which is rubbish), DualView (which is awesome), and Clone (which is really ****ing weird), but the Stretch option seems to elude me. I'd like to have a single desktop running 3360px across, mostly so that I can play games at resolutions so absurdy high that my feeble 8600 might melt while running them.

I believe I'm on the 160.09 drivers under Vista 64, but there's no option to stretch the desktop. Any idea on how it can be done?

Edit: Having played it the cheaty way, which is to put the game in windowed mode and manually set the horizontal res to 3360, I've decided nto to bother agian. It was a bit rubbish, you see.