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12-12-07, 12:46 AM
I've been wondering about this for a while... is it possible to get small\cheap LCD screens that can be attached to a standard VGA\DVI port?

I'm not looking for touch screens, simply because they cost too much.

Something under 12" would be great. I'd be perfectly happy just stealing an LCD off of a laptop but I don't know of any way to "convert" it for use on a standard PC.

I was just thinking of making an ITX system with an LCD screen for use in a car. The systems are fairly cheap these days (under $250 for a board, CPU, memory and chassis) but there don't seem to be any displays for these things other than standard desktop monitors or outrageously priced touch screens.

12-12-07, 02:09 AM
Thermaltake make a little 7" LCD specially for their bigger cases with 7" drive bays.

Might fit ok in a car.


12-12-07, 02:14 AM
Oh my god. $576 AUD? :lol:

Thats insane.

I want to know how a decent laptop with a 14" screen can be sold for under $500 when the screens themselves are impossible to get for that price.

I did come across some ITX boards that have expansion boards for connecting LVDS screens directly to the PC.

I don't think its worth all the hassle though. I'd like to do a project like that, but I could get a far faster Laptop for less money and it'd be portable.

Now the real question is where can I get an awesome deal on a recent laptop, other than ebay? :p

12-12-07, 08:55 AM
thats not a bad idea, would be cool if that ITX system could replace the radio as well, and hook up to the car speakers.

12-12-07, 09:25 AM
thats not a bad idea, would be cool if that ITX system could replace the radio as well, and hook up to the car speakers.
A PC soundcard can't replace the receiver completely because it doesn't have an amplifier, but it'd be possible if you had a separate amplifier for your all of your speakers (rather than just the sub woofer).

It'd be pretty easy if you could get a motherboard that had 5.1 analog outputs. You could just use mini-jack to RCA adapters to connect them from your outputs to the inputs on your amplifiers. On top of that you could actually get surround sound (!) in your car.

Thats a bit beyond anything I'll be able to afford for quite a while, but that'd be a freaking awesome project system.

The only problem I can see with it is that onboard sound chips probably don't offer the kind of sound quality you can get from a good receiver. My Kenwood KDC-X491 is pretty good. I really have no idea how it would compare to a PC sound chip though.

Also, if you listen to standard AM\FM radio you'd have to figure out some way to get that working in a PC.

12-12-07, 09:59 AM
Heh, I found some screens:


Prices aren't too bad and the resolutions are reasonable. 800x600 is the minimum I would use.