View Full Version : Help with my printer!

12-15-07, 04:26 AM
Hi guys, i could do with alittle help here please, basically i just re-installed windows, everything was going fine untill it came to installing my Epson R360 printer, i made sure the printer was off, plugged the USB leads into the printer & pc, inserted the disc and selected to install the printer drivers .... it would usually then tell me to turn the printer on and the pc would find the printer and install with no probs! ..... however i seem to have hit a problem! .... when i put the disc in and go to install the drivers, the ps tells me to turn the printer on .... the pc does not even recognize that i have a usb lead in! ... its not picking the printer usb lead up at all! .... infact i dont think the motherboard is pivking up anything i put in the USB sockets! .... i checked device manager and im getting this(below)anybody got any ideas whats going on and how to fix this?


12-15-07, 04:45 AM
install the chipset drivers from the disc (that came with the mobo)