View Full Version : Famus nuke tank ?

12-17-07, 10:59 AM
So I am in the editor .
I only found tac gun but cant find any vehicles with real nuke.
seen many videos with great nukes shooted from the tank or heli.
Where can I find those ?

12-17-07, 12:58 PM
Go View > Open View Pane > Database View

Then on the Entity Library tab (the default one) click the Load Library button (the little folder) and pick vehicles.xml.

Close the Database View window and click on Archetype Entity under Objects on the right. Open up the new vehicles folder and you'll see Air, Land, and Sea folders. Open the Land folder and you'll see all the options. There's a couple with the infamous TAC cannon.

Make sure you shoot something reaaaally far away with it. Otherwise you're a dead man. Lol.

12-17-07, 03:41 PM