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12-17-07, 03:11 PM
Hi everyone. I recently upgraded from an AGP ATI system (specs below) to a ASUS P5E x38 motherboard, 4x1 GB Kingston DDR2 1066 memory and a Gigabyte 8800GTS/512 gfx card. I didn't reformat as I would have to spend 1 week reinstalling everything again. The system works correctly, I'm getting correct benchmark readings. I uninstalled ATI drivers and related software before installing the motherboard, and installed latest nvidia drivers, 169.21. Games work good, but I cannot open nvidia control panel. It won't open on clicking it, neither through windows cpanel, nor by right clicking on the desktop, nor by taskbar icon. When I press on it, nothing happens. Any help would be very much appreciated.

PS: Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, as well as previous one 169.0x does nothing.

12-17-07, 06:21 PM
Upgrading the motherboard is a pretty big deal; you should really, really do a full format reinstall. I'm surprised Windows even booted.

Better to spend a couple hours reinstalling stuff on a nice fresh system than to spend a lot more time dealing with problems that arise from having a mucked up OS.

12-17-07, 07:42 PM
I agree with Steve. If the system is otherwise working fine, it would be an excellent idea to reformat and reinstall Windows, y'know, just in case. I think you'd be mad if you were to just try running something like Drivercleaner to clear out all remnants of ATI and nVidia's driver sets and try reinstalling, and failing that, just use something like nHancer to control the card instead. True, it'd only take ten minutes, but think of that nice, fresh OS you'll have. And that would be well worth the time you'll have to spend dealing with the problems from having a newly installed OS, wouldn't it?

12-18-07, 04:13 AM
Thanks for the replies, guys. But reformatting is out of the question for now. We're not talking about 10 Gigs of utilities, we're talking about 250GB of installed software and games, saved games, etc. That's not a couple of hours, frankly. I used to reformat once a month when I was a young performance junky. But at 33... :p Perhaps when SP3 becomes official ... Anyway, anyone got a link for a free drivercleaner software or such. Thanks in advance.

PS: This is the second time I escape a reformat in this installation by upgrading the motherboard. (That is the third motherboard for the particular windows installation in 4 years :D )

12-20-07, 05:14 AM
Never mind, I found it. It was nvidia stupitidy that caused missing several registrations of dll files relating to the control panel in the latest 169.21 beta drivers. You had to manually add some lines to the .inf file. I knew my Windows installation rocked :D