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12-20-07, 08:53 AM

After long and impatient awaiting, the time has come - we encourage you to download the latest version of patch (1.2) for The Witcher. We have made a lot of effort to ensure that patch 1.2 has been tested in the best possible way, and at the same time to present it to you before Christmas, as we have promised. Patch 1.2 fixes, among all, the issues of older versions that were most commented on, such as long loading and saving times, loading/saving mechanism, removes many possible random crashes, as well as several minor bugs. Patch 1.2 works with older versions of the game, starting from 1.0, and is available for download from here (http://www.thewitcher.com/registration/en/www/patch.html).

This guy has downloaded the patch already. And you? http://www.thewitcher.com/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif


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Patch 1.2

Gameplay and text bugs fixed:
- Fixes for Alina not being at her home when she should (Act 4).
- Wife's Tears Potion fixes.
- Fixes for usable doors on the swamps (Act 5).
- Fixes for Alchemist in manufacture giving quest items to Geralt (Act 3).
- Fixes for some items to be found in Fields (Act 4).
- Fixes for a disappearing enemy in quest Haunted House (Act2).
- Fixed problems with Alvin's spawn (Act 1).
- Few minor text fixes for all languages.

Code bugs fixed:
- Loading times are much faster!
- Saving is much faster!
- Another portion of stability improvements.
- Fix for rare "red rectangle" effect on loading bar.
- Quest tracking fixes.
- Some cursor fixes connected with finishers in tight places.
- Quest now won't update when Geralt is dead causing multiple problems.
- Autosave mechanism fixes (numeration).
- Savegame files fixes – some irrelevant information was sometimes generated inside.
- The game won't make an autosave if Geralt has an effect preventing him from talking (like knockdown, stun, push) - the result would be no talking at all for the rest of the game.
- Now you can't attack neutral NPCs if you input the second (etc.) sword sequence in them, while first attacking a hostile.
- Dandelion's music won't be 'echoed' while changing location twice.
- The game can handle broken savegames now – it returns to main menu.
- Motion blur effect won't stay active despite Blizzard potion wearing off – drinking, then changing location, then cutscene.
- Final fixes for weapons disappearing from enemies’ hands.
- Grass and small stones being multiplied – fixed.
- Fixes for receiving damage from Striga while being far away.

Art bugs fixed:
- Few level decoration fixes.
- Fixes for barghest attack animation.

================================================== ====
6. Known Issues
================================================== ====

1) The Witcher may exhaust virtual address space when running on 32-bit Windows Vista. Microsoft has released a hotfix that addresses this problem. Please download the hotfix from the following location when playing the game on 32-bit Windows Vista: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940105
2) The following video cards are not currently supported: S3 Colt, S3 S27, S3 S8, Intel GMA 950 based cards. Audio: Hercules Muse 5.1 (C-Media Audio).
3) The following processors are out of range: AMD Duron Series, AMD Athlon XP 2400+ through 3200+, AMD Sempron 2400+ through 2800+, and the INTEL Celeron Series.
4) Some bugfixes mentioned above will work only if a game is restarted from scratch, for some others a corresponding act needs to be restarted.
5) The Witcher supports only Creative EAX 4.0. If your soundcard uses other EAX version, use “Environmental Effects” option instead.

12-20-07, 09:02 AM

Downloading client now. :captnkill:

12-20-07, 09:07 AM
The loads and saves are some times faster ;) .

12-20-07, 10:04 AM
Wow, I'm happy I just started the game and played only half an hour. November was a really crazy month. I will install the patch and play the game straight from the beginning. Now I only need some holidays which I won't have

12-20-07, 10:30 AM
Do you think you need to install 1.1 and 1.1a before installing 1.2?

12-20-07, 11:22 AM
Do you think you need to install 1.1 and 1.1a before installing 1.2?
nope. readme says you dont have to.
just instal that 1.2 and enyoj faster LOADING and SAVING !!!

12-20-07, 11:34 AM
The game can handle broken savegames now – it returns to main menu.

Thats good to hear!

12-20-07, 03:40 PM

12-20-07, 03:42 PM
Thats good to hear!

You still will have a broken save though. :(

12-20-07, 07:23 PM
Just Installed....Works Awesome
Loading&Save Times Are Really Quick now(nana2)

12-20-07, 08:14 PM
You still will have a broken save though. :(

Yea, so once i reformat to 64 bit im going to start over (again...) and pray that it doesnt crash anymore

12-20-07, 11:25 PM
Yea, so once i reformat to 64 bit im going to start over (again...) and pray that it doesnt crash anymore

God speed.

12-21-07, 12:40 AM
Good thing I keep multiple saves. Would suck to have to redo an entire area.

12-21-07, 01:20 AM
nice...started act 3..good time for me.

12-21-07, 01:30 AM
Loving the patch here. :)

12-21-07, 04:43 AM
mmm not sure if it boosted for me much..

Tea on Tuesday
12-21-07, 05:07 AM
Hope this doesn't mess up my uncensored patch (lee) I love boobs!