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04-20-03, 01:36 AM
I have been seeing this a lot lately while shoppping for a P4, just wondering what it is?

04-20-03, 02:19 AM
c1 stepping is a newer version of the p4... its better because it allows you to overclock to insanely high levels, while still being stable:)

04-20-03, 02:41 AM
It's the P4 stepping I have. Basically, it allows you to overclock higher.

04-20-03, 05:33 PM
Intel should be reducing CPU pricing soon for the new 800 FSB & existing 533 FSB chips. I have a 2.26 GHz P4 and a MSI 645E Max C V.1, and am looking at the MSI 655 SIS board w/dual channel, HT, etc. I also read that SIS had just secured a license from Intel to produce 800 FSB MB chipsets:)

An interesting situation, anyone have a SIS 655 w/ HT, if so how do you like your board?


04-20-03, 05:37 PM
How do I know if I am buying one of these newer C1 stepping processors?

04-20-03, 05:38 PM
Will the Intel Pentium 4 3GHz (800MHz system bus) have C1 stepping?

04-21-03, 05:54 AM
Isn't the new 800Mhz intel bus, basically just DDR400 in dual channel? So basically nforce2 mobo's at 400mhz fsb/mem could be called 800Mhz also?

I though dual channel mode gave no-where near double the performance of single channel mode.

Gotta love Intel marketing... :rolleyes:

04-21-03, 06:19 AM
think the FSB on P4 is QDR
thus 200Mhz is 800Mhz Efficient.
Athlons FSB is DDR and 200Mhz is 400Mhz efficient.

04-21-03, 09:46 AM
And the QDR 800Mhz effective really does show added bandwidth too. This is based on benchmark results I've seen posted using Sandra 2003. (Off the top of my head, I recall 3300+ for the P4 setup)

04-22-03, 07:22 AM
think the FSB on P4 is QDR
thus 200Mhz is 800Mhz Efficient.
Athlons FSB is DDR and 200Mhz is 400Mhz efficient.

But it uses DDR400 ram. In dual channel mode I believe. Which is the same as the nforce2 setup.

Perhaps the system is running 800mhz FSB on the cpu side, with 400mhz RAM dual channel mode.

Wheras the nforce2 is 400Mhz fsb, with 400mhz RAM dual channel in sync.

04-22-03, 09:14 AM
I have a 655 non-ht :(

I love this mobo, except that I got the A steppig SiS655 but that's ok.

The dual-channel definately does work. It depends on your FSB. I run neck and neck with equally clock fsb p4's running PC1066.

At 4x100 FSB I get 2.5GB/s. The 1066 got the same.

At 4x125 FSB I was getting 3.25GB/s. I was faster than the 1066.

DC DDR333 is the best right now. Mis-timings on DDR400 rape you.

As far as the 655 Max series. Great mobos. A little crappy on the layout. I'll post a pic. Just pay notice to the PSU connectors and the length down on the mobo the IDE connectors are. Other than that, it is a great mobo.


04-22-03, 09:59 AM
How do you keep all that dust-free?

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04-23-03, 10:54 PM

AMEN Brother!!!! ;)