View Full Version : Abit BH7 ~ IS it good?

ATI LoVeR 9700
04-20-03, 03:33 PM
I need a good board for a good price. The Abit BH7 looks like it dominates the 845PE sector. Plus it's got Serial ATA... It overl****s really well too. Abit has always made the best motherboards IMO.

Are there any competing boards in this sector I should look at?

04-20-03, 04:31 PM
It has ONE serial ATA port and lacks a bunch of features, judging from the reviews I have seen. I would look around some and see what else is out there...MSI for example makes a great board with TONS of features and a reasonable price. The BH7 cannot even accomodate some of the large heatsinks available, such as those made by Swiftech. IT was, however, able to overclock just a tad more than boards made by ASUS. Check out this alternative that I would recommend over the BH7 anyday: 845PE Max3 (http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mainboard/mbd/pro_mbd_detail.php?UID=425&MODEL=MS-6704%20Ver2.1)