View Full Version : A couple motherboard swapping ?'s

12-25-07, 03:41 AM
I'm upgrading motherboards but I have a couple questions to ask first.

The motherboard I'm getting has a 24pin ATX power plug and a 8pin CPU power plug but my old reliable 480W Antec TrueBlue only has a 20pin and a 4pin. My motherboard manual says that I can use the 20pin plug in the 24pin, but can I use the 4 pin in the 8pin and not worry about it?

My other question involves pulling off the heatsink. I have to take the heatsink off to get the CPU out of the 775 socket. Do I need to reapply thermal greese when I put the cpu in the new motherboard, or can I just leave the old when I put it back together?