View Full Version : NVIDIA 680i/780i mobos stable w/ 8GB RAM?

12-25-07, 03:46 PM
I have now Q6600 w/ Asus Commando (P965 chipset), 4x 2GB OCZ DDR2-800 RAM (total 8GB), 1x Asus 8800GT, PCIe 3ware RAID-5 card, and was thinking about moving to Asus Striker Extreme (NVIDIA 680i), as it has 2x PCIe 16x (for 2x 8800GT) and 1x PCIe 4x (for RAID-5 3ware card).

Now my setup is absolutely stable, running Vista x64, but only with single 8800GT, which is too slow for my newly purchased 30" LCD. I want a second 8800GT card, SLIed.

I do not care about 680i not being able to accomodate Penryns, I will stay with Q6600 for next year or so, but I care a lot about stability, as 90% of my computer usage is work.

I will also not use NVIDIA SATA (have dedicated 3ware HW RAID card on PCIe 4x), will not use Striker NIC (have PCI Wifi card), and will not use integrated audio (have PCI X-Fi), but still fear how 8GB of RAM will work on Striker.

Anybody have exprience with 8GB of RAM on 680i? And are NVIDIA drivers finally stable on Vista x64?

Thanks for your input. As I said, I need to make sure things will be 100% stable, as they are now.

Other option is to stay with rock-stable P965 chipset and wait for new next-gen card from NVIDIA (D9?). Any hints when that could be released?

Mr Bigman
12-25-07, 04:40 PM
:) :) Intel chipset with a single highend video card is the way to go if you want a stable system.

12-25-07, 04:51 PM
Hm, I was afraid that would be the case :(

Anyway, I can get this board really cheap (and return it within 14 days, if I will not be happy with it):

Any feedback about that one? Plenty of PCIe slots, integrated X-Fi. However BIOS and driver support on manufacturer website seems nowhere near Asus.

12-26-07, 01:46 AM
NVIDIA 680i/780i mobos stable w/ 8GB RAM?
Anybody have exprience with 8GB of RAM on 680i?

Thanks for your input.I was actually wondering the same thing, since I'm planning on running an Intel QX9650 CPU and G.Skill 4x2GB DDR2 1000MHz Cas 5 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231145) on the nForce 780i mobo, but I couldn't find reviews on the Web with 4x2GB on 680i/780i mobos.
Does anyone has experience on this matter ?
Things like, how far could you overclock the RAM, RAM voltage, RAM timings?
How would the 8GB load affect the FSB overclockability? Which FSB:RAM ratio, and FSB voltage ?

Thanks for your feedback.

12-26-07, 04:40 PM
I just put this rig together this afternoon. 8 gig of G-Skill on this 780i and all is well. My version of a stability test was to play 2 hours of COD4 multiplayer. Smooth as butter.

12-26-07, 05:27 PM
Running 8gigs of OCZ on a EVGA 680i here with my Q6600@3.7 and it's stable.

Had more problems with my gigabyte p35 board than I have my 680i.... it happens I guess.

12-26-07, 05:41 PM
Tell me what uses 8 gigs.. I cant use up 4 let alone 8 :p

12-27-07, 05:22 AM
I decided to go with Asus Maximum Formula (X38) and second-hand (much cheaper) 8800ULTRA (and sell Commando and 8800GT). Seems 680i is hit-or-miss, plus power-consumption is horrible. Thanks all for input.