View Full Version : NEC LCD2470WNX

Buck Armstrong
12-25-07, 04:34 PM
I need a new monitor, mainly for gaming and Photoshop/Illustrator work, and have about $700. Since I like NEC and want a non-TN, but can't find a 20WMGX2 and can't afford a larger IPS, I'm considering an LCD2470WNX. Are there any 2470WNX owners here that can answer the following?

- The response time is 6ms, which is good for a PVA, so I'm assuming they intended it to play games. However, the PRAD review mentions a lag of 2 frames (33ms) at native, 3 frames at interpolated (50ms). I'm currently using a ViewSonic VP2130B 21" S-PVA (8ms), and am happy with the way it performs. Will the input lag be comparable to this, or noticeably worse?

- Another review mentioned the overdrive is badly aligned with the panel or something. I don't know what that means, but can anyone with any experience with the 2470WNX tell me if there are any image quality or gaming problems other than those associated with PVAs?

Any other opinions on this monitor? Thanks in advance.

12-27-07, 04:00 AM
Where do you live? Is the 2690WUXi much more expensive? I think you can trust the prad review, because they are professionals and unbiased. There are also a few gamers reviews at widescreengaming forums for the 2470. Anyway I'm waiting for the successor of 2690 that has the new 26 panel with 2ms. (March)