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12-26-07, 06:02 PM
I wana use my 750GB HDs with my Laptop and was looking into SATA to USB adapters but really dont know which brand is reliable and good. I was wondering if anyone could suggest on at a decent price that is small and reliable. The more compact the better.


12-26-07, 06:31 PM
just buy an external enclosure

12-26-07, 06:37 PM
To big and bulky, They all require an external power supply aswell.

12-26-07, 08:01 PM
this would probably work:

12-27-07, 12:18 AM
To big and bulky, They all require an external power supply aswell.

Anything will require an external power supply when powering a full PC HDD.

Those adapters that steve listed are great. Though I have found certain brands just refuse to work with certain versions of Windows. So it'll pay to do some research.

01-08-08, 01:42 AM
i use this http://www.pccasegear.com/prod3578.htm

no problems so far

01-08-08, 02:18 AM
The first thing that comes to mind is what supra and stevemedes have already linked to. I use one of these myself to easily read/write data to hard disks on the fly. Literally just plug and play with internal hard disks while your system is live.

These are all pretty much the same, with one exception: Some of them are limited to somewhere around 512GB hard disks. Beyond that, comparing these is like comparing USB thumb drives; they just come in different brands, shapes, and sizes, but function exactly the same. You can get them practically anywhere, including local shops if you look around. I've seen them from anywhere between $20 and $50. The good ones accept IDE, laptop IDE, and SATA.

01-08-08, 05:22 AM
That's pretty cool. I didn't know they made anything like that. The pic is misleading though. It still requires a power brick for 3.5" drives.

If you're just using a singla SATA drive though, it'd be easier to just get an enclosure. There isn't really any reason to have the drive and wires laying all over the desk if you never need to swap drives.

Either way you're going to have a data cable connected to the PC and a power cable with an adapter to power the drive. The only drives that can be completely powered by USB are 2.5" laptop drives.

01-08-08, 05:52 AM
Don't forget this nifty gadget!


01-08-08, 07:20 AM
Woa... that's sweet. :D

EDIT: $75? Nevermind. :p

01-08-08, 09:17 AM
cool... an HDD docking bay. That may actually be worth $75 if you use it enough.

01-08-08, 12:00 PM
Don't forget this nifty gadget!


Thats pretty cool, If I ever needed a sata to usb divice, this would be it>:D