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12-27-07, 02:39 AM
Hello everyone. My dad owns a eco-tourism lodge (http://www.grizzlytours.com if you're interested). He has a promotional video that he had made which he burns onto DVD's and sends to various people. The video editting was done on a mac using Final Cut Pro and the DVD's were authored using iDVD. Every few months he requires ~100 of these DVDs to be burned.

Ok so as you can imagine, it's no simple task to burn all these DVD's. I'm usually the one to do it and it takes forever. It takes about 4 minutes per DVD (so like 400 minutes for all 100 of them). The problem is that I don't want to sit and baby sit the computer for 7 hours putting in a new disk every 4 minutes.

I've been looking around and it looks like you can buy DVD duplicators where you simply put in the master disk and it will copy it onto 3,4,5,... disks at a time at the push of a button. These machines cost upwards of $1500.

I'd like to put together a simple computer that would accomplish the same task for half that price. My question though is will there be any issues with burning to 6 DVD burners at the same time? Like buffering issues. I'll be using ImgBurn (http://www.imgburn.com/) to do the burning (either in some version of linux or XP Pro). It supports multiple drives for burning. I'm not entirely sure how it works when burning to 6 drives. I'm assuming they each have their own buffer, which means that each would have to be reading off the hard drive at the same time? So will a standard 7200 rpm hard drive be able to sustain that reading?

If I burn the DVD's at 16x, I think that's ~21MB/s....so for 6 drives that would be like...126 MB/s? Which I know is not possible from a standard drive. I could go with 8x burning...so that would be about 63 MB/s. That's more reasonable.

Also, would the CPU really matter? I'm looking at a cheap X2 4000+ and 1GB of RAM.

Does anybody have any recommendations/advice? All input is welcome :)


12-27-07, 08:50 AM
sure, buy a real fast hard drive and 6+ SATA dvdroms, should be no problem.

12-27-07, 09:41 AM
WOW www.grizzlytours.com is simply stunning !

12-27-07, 04:03 PM
In addition to the 6 burners, you could buy a Raptor, just to be sure it's fast enough (although if ImgBurn (sorry, I never used it, so I'm just taking a guess) effectively makes use of some ram buffering, any hd capable of sustaining 16x (that is, 21MB/s) would be enough)...

12-27-07, 07:33 PM
Ok sweet thanks guys. Do you have any suggestions for other programs to handle the burning onto multiple drives? Lightman you mentioned if it effectively uses ram buffering it wouldn't be a problem. Do you know of a program that does this?

12-28-07, 12:16 PM
Lightman you mentioned if it effectively uses ram buffering it wouldn't be a problem. Do you know of a program that does this?

Program, no. But under linux you could just set up a ram disk, copy the source iso to it, and then burn from it to the dvds, should be fast enough for much more than 6 burners ;)

12-28-07, 12:59 PM
Hmmmm, interesting. I'll have to research this RAM disk thinger....and once you have the RAM disk setup....do you just use any old program to do the burning? Or does linux have that built in.....(I don't have a lot of experience with linux...some, but not much). Would Ubuntu work fine?

12-28-07, 01:49 PM
It depends how large in terms of GB is your source DVD.
RAM disks are pretty much useless nowadays. The Windows System Cache is much more efficient than a RAM disk.

12-28-07, 04:22 PM
It depends how large in terms of GB is your source DVD.

Uhm. Yeah, I forgot about how big a DVD is :D. My fault. He would need a 64bit machine, with at least 6GB of ram to be able to do what I suggested.

11-02-11, 01:06 AM
In my experience border with DVD duplicator machine or your own DVD? What I would suggest is to use a DVD-R duplicator with lower price, use little electricity and easy to use.

01-12-12, 05:56 AM
Yeah I agree with you jasckluis. What you have said was absolutely right. DVD-R duplicator were the best for energy saving.