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12-28-07, 09:19 PM
I have a PNY xlr8 8800 gts 320, and the card runs quite hot for my liking (eg 68c w/ no load), I have researched a little on some other cooling solutions, but would like an opinion on what has worked well for them, as far as aftermarket cooling.. already have a cpu cooler that is working great, but I fear overclocking this card any will have it running hotter than the hubs of haiti.

Thanks in advance.

Mr Bigman
12-28-07, 11:40 PM
Thats normal for those cards. (H)oPC did a review of GPU coolers that kick ass check them out. TK did a nice one that keeps these cards around 40c max 57c load .

12-29-07, 05:18 PM
Thanks alot!

12-29-07, 09:25 PM
ZEROtherm and Zalman are good brands. Try them out.