View Full Version : Abit IP35 Pro Lan Disappeared, then BIOS got screwed

12-31-07, 04:34 PM
I was in the middle of playing battlefield 2142 when my internet died, so i restarted and everything...still nothing. so i opened up my network connections and all of a sudden one port vanished, then the other. they literally just disappeared right before me. so i thought wtf was that. I reinstalled vista to no avail.
i looked in device manager and it says "not enough resources code (12)"
check my memory with memtest86 no errors.
updated the bios to the newest version and still no internet.

so someone suggested to downgrade the bios, i did that and now everything is set to disable. like i can't enable the SATA RAID functions, onboard audio, USB, or anything.

any ideas on how to fix LAN or BIOS?

01-01-08, 01:20 PM
I have had lan go down on me numerous times for numerous reason on numerous mobo's makes, usually it is a driver or a failed oc causing it to happen, I personally reinstall it via drivers and if that doesn't work I check the bios, after a failed oc or resetting the cmos a lot of mobo default setting is disabled lan, just leaving you re-enable it....other then that I haven't a clue.