View Full Version : screen goes black while watching movies (8800gtx)

01-01-08, 02:53 PM
Hey guys a few months ago an odd problem started for me,when watching movies/series on my comp it sudenly goes black and no signal message pops up on my monitor,it only happens while watching clips (divx etc..),then i gotta reboot,any 1 having same prob?my system is in my sig

01-01-08, 03:04 PM
sounds like the issue im having. leaving the comp alone causes the screen to black out, and even though the computer is responsive, I can't get video back.

I might have discovered something as the same was happening when I rescently installed psyconauts. I was trying to use non 1680x1050 resolutions and a few screens in, the video wold blank out (but game/sound kept going) and I would need to reboot. It might be tied to setting the video card to stretch video to your lcd's native resolution?

01-02-08, 10:11 PM
Again, sounds like that NVKLNTVD has quit responding or whatever error many peeps have, it's your driver shutting down then trying to restart but fails to do so. Downclock your memory clock on your video card and see if it goes away.

01-02-08, 10:23 PM
dark, ive never had problems with the nvk driver recovering itself before (it crashed alot when I had a bad stick of ram).

01-03-08, 09:25 PM
ok playd with my system some...strange things abound for sure.

First, I setup hotkeys to change to a lower res and then back to 1680x1050 60hz 32bit color (There was no 24bit). I was shocked to find I could go to the lower res, but upon hitting the native resolution key, the display blacked out. I could return to the lower res and get video back.

I checked scaling, it was actually on monitor scaling, so I tried switching to nvidia card scaling and it seems to have worked as far as the hotkey goes. The monitor STILL blanks out if I turn it off and then back on, but the hotkeys fix it.

01-03-08, 11:33 PM
spoke a little to soon. left my monitor off for a few hours. Came back and it took several toggles back and forth to finally get an image..and when I did, I have many pixles on screen that are flasing different colors. Resetting the video driver blacked out the video again, but took one try of changing resolutions to get it back, but some pixles still showed corruption.


01-05-08, 02:29 AM
thanks for the replys,after further testing it seems it happens once at of 50 times i go from WoW(window mode) back to media play and when i press the play button on which ever movie i was watching,i switch alot bakc n forth betwen wow and movies/shows so basicly sometimes a sec after i press play a few seconds go and the screen ither freezes or go black,seems like a driver or setting problem.

12-05-08, 03:22 AM
Try turning the screen saver off.

Right click on the desktop, Personalize, Screen saver. Select None.