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01-01-08, 04:57 PM
My brand new eVGA 8800 GTS 512Mb is hovering at 74 (165 Farenheit)degrees Celsius at desktop in a well ventilated case and no overclocking beyond the stock speeds.

This seems highly abnormal and high to me. What temps are other users getting with the stock fan?

01-01-08, 05:01 PM
50 degrees at stock, but then the fan is only 25% at stock.

Do you have riva tuner? That has a good hardware monitor, those temps sound like a report error.

01-01-08, 05:10 PM
I am using www.cpuid.com's Hardware Monitor v1.06 to do the readings. I like it because it just executes and doesn't require any install. Is there any other tools I can check it with that don't require full-blown installs?

01-01-08, 05:27 PM
Just install rivatuner, its the best overclocking tool anyways and excellent software. Unless its not your machine/you dont have admin rights ;)

01-01-08, 05:31 PM
Rivatuner is hands down the best overclocking/monitoring utility out there

*edit* make sure you have admin rights, and you should turn uac if you use vista.

01-02-08, 12:38 AM
install riva tuner and increase the fan speed.

Right now my 8800 GT is idling at 43c with a 25mhz overclock. Fan speed is set to 60%

01-02-08, 02:39 AM
As previously said - get Rivatuner.
Stock cooler is set at 29% speed, but upto 45% it's still noiseless, over that it does cool better, but you also start to hear it.

Still, difference between 45% and 29% is over 10C.

01-03-08, 12:44 PM
I need help. I totally don't get Rivatuner. I installed it and I can see that I can make all sorts of odd changes, but I certainly don't see any straight forward way to monitor GPU core temps. Can anybody walk me through it?

Oh, and does it make a difference that it warned me that is doesn't know how to work with Forceware 169.25 WHQL?

01-03-08, 12:54 PM
Im useing those forceware drivers so no, don't worry about them.

There should be two customize buttons on the main page of rivatuner. The lower customize button has all the settings you need and they're pretty self explanatory.

You also have to add "600h" to the G92 line in the config.cfg

01-03-08, 03:01 PM
RivaTuner Guides (http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=195029)