View Full Version : 8800GTX Smoke/Zoom Lag in Call of Duty 4

01-02-08, 03:15 PM
im using Forceware 169.21.

i run this game at 1600x1200, the alpha blending is set to dither (Default) and the game defaults all the gfx settings to the highest. When i get to close to a smoke screen from a smoke grenade or when i use the zoom from a sniper rifle the frames drop down to about 25-30fps. Normally i get about 60-70fps. The same exact thing happens in Call of duty 2. This is single and multiplayer.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this lag?
My vidcard isn't OCed at all.

01-02-08, 04:48 PM
I can't think of a fairly modern game where things like smoke and heavy fog don't drop FPS sharply, particularly when AA is in use. I use both nVidia and ATi cards, they both get slapped hard by the variables I've mentioned.

I can stand by a flare giving off trails of smoke so they fill my screen and watch my FPS drop sharply in "Crysis". Turning off AA can help. Besides that perhaps lower effects or resolution.

01-02-08, 05:18 PM
Try turning off the "Soften Smoke Edges" setting, see if that helps.