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01-03-08, 02:20 PM
(crossposted from the xp and vista forum for a wider audience)

Hi all. I just built a new box with Windows Vista 64 and have a new 8800GT using forceware 169.25.

My monitor unfortunately is a 3 yr old Benq 20" LCD which does not have a native vista driver (64 bit or otherwise) so I understand I either have to buy a new monitor :lame: or use the Generic PnP Monitor driver. Currently I am going with the latter, however the nvidia driver does not allow me to select a resolution greater than 1024x768 even though my monitor is quite capable of displaying (and quite lovely in!) 1600x1200. If I remove the nvidia driver and go with the Standard VGA driver I can display 1600x1200 fine but obviously this isnt acceptable.

Anyone able to help?

01-03-08, 06:13 PM
Have you've tried setting up custom resolutions?

A monitor should identify what resolutions it supports via the DDC info without any need for a monitor driver. It's odd that after installing the nVidia drivers it doesn't identify the proper resolutions. I'm presuming 1600x1200 is the native resolution of the monitor?

Try unpluging the monitor from the video card and putting in the other port. This should force the video card to reidentify the monitor and hopefully get the right DDC info.

01-04-08, 01:51 PM
Just an update. I've (sortof) resolved my issue. For some reason the combination of 169.25 drivers, the dvi port hookup, and my Generic PnP monitor driver limits the monitor resolution to 1024x768. As soon as I hooked it up through the dsub connection I am able to set my resolution to 1600x1200.

An improvement, but obviously not optimal as I miss my dvi connection.