View Full Version : What's the cheapest 8800 that still delivers?

01-04-08, 09:30 PM
Need help picking out an geforce 8800 that's about 200 if it exists.

01-04-08, 10:07 PM
8800GT depends on how much RAM you need.

01-04-08, 10:16 PM
512 or less. what prices did you find

01-04-08, 11:13 PM
The 512 is around $260+ USD right now, the 256 can be found $200-220.

01-05-08, 10:09 AM
i bought a Galaxy 8800GT 512mb for 229.00 @ NCIX. damn fine card (supprisingly) and overclocks like a dream :) only 1 year warrenty tho :(

01-05-08, 09:06 PM
I found some cheap cards but i can't find any that aren't on the internet. I'm also having to buy a new power supply. The cheapest one i can find is from Compusa and it's cheap because they're going out of business. I don't have the money for a high end 8800 and i can't find a low end one in stores. I hate ordering off the internet. Got any tips from where to order from? I'm thinking about tiger direct.

01-05-08, 11:35 PM
hell.. all the 8800's deliver. ^^ even the gts is pretty good.

01-05-08, 11:39 PM
yeah i'm deciding between the gts 320 mb or gt 512. i'm pretty sure i'm going to go with the more expensive gt.

01-05-08, 11:51 PM
Yea go for the GT 512. Just about everything beats the GTS 320 these days, even the lowly GT 256.

01-05-08, 11:54 PM
yeah that's about what i figured. Will The gt run all my games at full settings.

My system:
amd 4000+ processor 2.1 Ghz
2 gigs of ram
19 inch widescreen monitor
(8800 gt 512 ram) not yet bought

01-06-08, 12:07 AM
Yes it should run just about every game (except Crysis) very well. Your CPU may limit your performance a bit in CPU heavy games, however my 3800+ hasn't been much of an issue.