View Full Version : 630i MCP73 7150 Sata driver Non AHCI

01-04-08, 10:31 PM
Just finished loading XP useing Windows default IDE drivers. Tried to update the Default Standard Dual PCI IDE controller to the Nvidia SATA driver but won't install. If you manually force them then you get a BSOD on reboot. Seems the only SATA driver availible for the 630i, MCP73, 7150 or whatever you want to call this chipset/motherboard are the AHCI Drivers. What is odd is if you load the 410/430 or the MCP61 SATA drivers the system boots fine. I can't believe Nvidia is going to force us to use AHCI drivers to load XP. I need some non AHCI Drivers. Seems the AHCI driver is nvgts.sys where as the standard Nvidia SATA drvier is nvata.sys

01-04-08, 11:09 PM
I didnt even know there was such a thing as a 630i

01-05-08, 12:48 AM
Since this is a new install, I may suggest reinstalling and pressing F6 with the drivers on a floppy, that is if you have the txtsetup.oem file as well.

01-05-08, 02:07 AM
thats just it don't won't to load the AHCI drivers useing F6. Thats why i'm looking for the SATA Non AHCI drivers. Have not had to use any special drivers in the past w/ Nvidia chipset Motherboards.