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04-21-03, 05:37 PM
What exactly are the AMD-8000 series of chipsets? Is it a chipset like the NVIDIA nForce2?

Click the following link and look under "Supporting Technologies."


04-21-03, 11:32 PM
this page answers it all: http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118_4699_4741^4931,00.html

Q: What is the AMD-8000™ series of chipsets?

A: The AMD-8000 series of chipsets is the core logic for the AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron processors. The AMD-8000 series of chipsets includes the AMD-8111 HyperTransport I/O Hub, the AMD-8131 HyperTransport PCI-X Tunnel and the AMD-8151 HyperTransport AGP3.0 Graphics Tunnel.

so yes, it is the AMD chipset for Athlon64/Opteron motherboards.

04-22-03, 07:04 AM

So, when will we see Asus AMD-8000 motherboards? :D

04-22-03, 12:18 PM
Nforce3 Pro is announced =)
for the Opteron


iguess Non Pro version would be for Athlon64

More on Hammer chipsets over at THG:

04-22-03, 12:59 PM

But would you prefer the AMD-8000 series chipset or the NVIDIA nForce3 Pro?

04-22-03, 01:06 PM
You ask when they not here yet? Before users report on good/bad stuff? What are you tryin to do??? :D;):D

... all in good fun, no harm meant...

Betchaasnwers to that question will start filterin thru heavily in the coming 4 months, though..

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04-22-03, 02:43 PM
This was in the FAQ on the AMD website:

Q: What chipsets will be available to support the AMD Opteron processor? What motherboards are in development?

A: The AMD-8000 series of chipsets is the core logic for the AMD Opteron processor. Key innovations in the AMD Opteron processor core include support for simultaneous, transparent 32-bit and 64-bit computing; a high-bandwidth integrated memory controller closely coupled with the microprocessor core; and a highly scalable system bus using HyperTransport technology with support for single- and multi-processor configurations. The AMD-8000 series of chipsets includes the AMD-8111™ HyperTransport technology I/O hub, the AMD-8131™ HyperTransport technology PCI-X tunnel, and the AMD-8151 HyperTransport technology AGP3.0 graphics tunnel.

Technology industry leaders ALi Corporation, ATI Technologies, NVIDIA®, Semtech, SiS Corp. and VIA have announced they will build chipsets based around these core logic components and HyperTransport technology. More than 20 leading motherboard partners have announced support for AMD’s next-generation processors. ATI is making a chipset??

04-22-03, 02:45 PM
Originally posted by Kain
This was in the FAQ on the AMD website:

ATI is making a chipset??

they have before, although no one really sells them....kinda just slipped out of sight and out of mind :p

04-22-03, 05:40 PM
Id think Nforce3 prolly will be faster..
AMDs chipsets are more of a showcase than
a performace platform..
they only did the launch chipset for Athlon CPUs
to show off DDR support, and then they didnt do
anything else, well cept for multi CPU chipset..

Looks like opteron boards will lack AGP busses
and tests shows it being a stronger server then
workstation board..
So I guess noone will buy it for gaming..
like you dont really get a Xeon for gaming...

Think Athlon64 will outperform Opteron in about
everything cept just server tasks..