View Full Version : XFX 7600GT AGP installation problems

01-06-08, 11:26 AM
Hi guys

I had nice running system with a gigabyte nforce mobo with my xfx 7600gt running winxp pro sp2 and a current gentoo linux system.
I decided to upgrade my mobo and got a ASROCK 939Dual-VSTA mobo with a 3200+ AMD cpu to ease my upgrading path a bit.
Eventually I did a clean winxp pro sp2 install hoping my problems would go away.
I flashed the bios successfully to the latest version 1.3.
With a clean winxp install with just the mobo agp driver installed I canīt get the nvidia graphics drivers working.
Latest stock nvidia driver installs fine but windows hangs after the reboot when it starts displaying the cursor before the log on screen.
Latest guru3d omega drivers do the same as the latest stock drivers.
The above mentioned was downloaded yesterday.
Using the any of the drivers on the xfx drivers cd the system hangs during the drivers installation process, blank screen and it just stays there.
I did uninstall each driver first before installing another one by using F8 and going into windows with vga mode.
Funny enough in linux all works well, hardware acceleration works infact this is how I am posting this via linux.
I tried disabling fastwrite in die bios, changing the agp aperture size.
Any other ideas?
Has anyone here have some experience with this mobo?


01-07-08, 11:16 AM
I found the problem!(nana2)
In the BIOS under advanded chipset settings there is an option to enable some FIFO AGP thing.
Apparently this is needed for the nvidia pci-e agp bridge cards!