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01-06-08, 11:45 AM

* Award-Winning Design – The Dell Crystal monitor took home the highest design honor at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show. CES Best of Innovations 2008. Tempered glass, highly polished metal tripod stand, unobtrusive connections make this monitor a show-stopper.
* 22-Inch WXGA 1680 x 1050 HD Display – Provides stunning detail with a 98%2 color gamut for more color shades and tones.
* 2-Millisecond Response Time (typical) – Reduces ghosting and imaging associated with movement for fluid motion.
* 2000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio - Get dark blacks, sharp images, crisp text, brilliant color saturation and greater life-like detail.
* Webcam – Miniature 2-megapixel webcam is stylishly inconspicuous.
* Integrated Speakers – Speakers are integrated into the Dell Crystal’s sleek frame with subtly wired sound circuitry that’s encapsulated in a handsome metal enclosure.


Viewable Image Size
22” widescreen
Preset Display Area
473.76mm (horizontal), 296.1mm (vertical)
18.65” (horizontal), 11.66” (vertical)
Optimal Resolution
1680 x 1050 at 60 Hz
Pixel Pitch
Brightness (Typical)
Color Gamut (Typical)
98%2(TrueColor Technology)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio (Typical)
Viewing Angle (Typical)
160 (vertical), 160(horizontal)
Response Time (Typical)
2ms grey to grey

01-06-08, 12:41 PM
do want

EDIT: Oh dear, $1200, ill pass, i still need to upgrade my GPU. Looks amazing though.

01-06-08, 01:22 PM
umm, they can keep it, looks to weird for my taste, plus don't need build in speakers

01-06-08, 01:24 PM
$1200 for a 22" monitor is just a tad too much... I'll keep my 24" for $400 plz.

01-06-08, 07:40 PM
It's just a standard LCD with a glass thing to hold the speakers.

01-06-08, 07:43 PM
The speakers make it look kinda fugly.

01-06-08, 07:53 PM
The speakers make it look kinda fugly.
Yeah, specially if you view it from the sides.

01-06-08, 08:06 PM
LOL! Those are speakers???

I feel sorry for anyone that decides to buy this monitor.

Haha... $1200 for a glass frame and a crappy set of speakers... :p

01-06-08, 08:34 PM
It looks cool. The price is not.

01-06-08, 09:22 PM
I like looks. just not the price.

01-06-08, 09:34 PM
I like looks. just not the price.
Party on Garth.