View Full Version : Speeding up the fan on my Nvidia Card

01-12-08, 02:49 AM

Is there anyway to speed up the RPM of my 7900gt's fan?
I'm having some probs with overheating even though not overclocked and side of case is open etc.


01-12-08, 03:27 AM
rivatuner fan control...

01-12-08, 04:25 AM
If its overheating and it isn't overclocked, clean out the heatsink.

I don't know if your 7900GT heatsink is similar to the 6800GT but those things always clogged up and usually led to stability problems. Look for some tiny screws on the face of the heatsink. If they are there, you should be able to take the cover off of the heatsink to clean all of the gunk out of the fins.