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01-16-08, 02:19 PM
So i have a 24'' and a 19'' running in dualview via the nvidia cp.
I have one wallpaper running on both of them (meaning: its the same wallpaper on both monitors)

My question is can I, or how do I get a dualview wallpaper working? Like this one: http://-kol.deviantart.com/art/Retro-World-29747336

Simplified: I want to have 1 wallpaper start on the 24 and finish at the 19. Im pretty sure someone understands me lol.

01-16-08, 02:32 PM
NVM. Got it working :)

01-16-08, 03:21 PM
That was fast. :lol:

01-16-08, 03:42 PM
Yea, I found this program that does it for you. Its simple, and it doesnt have to run for it to work. you just load it up, pick ur screens, and exit the app.

01-16-08, 04:32 PM
What's the program name?

01-16-08, 05:45 PM
What's the program name?


01-16-08, 08:04 PM
NVIDIA has really dropped the ball IMO by being so late with nView for Vista.

01-17-08, 01:32 AM
I'm using UltraMon and it's great. You can pick different wallpapers for each monitor, different screen savers, save icon positions on desktop (super handy for driver reinstalls), and my favorite feature is the smart task bar on the second monitor. when you minimize programs on the second monitor they go only to that monitors task bar. Clears up the clutter :thumbsup: