View Full Version : Problem with nvidia 7600GS AGP 512 MB

01-17-08, 07:39 AM
I've had a nvidia 7600GS AGP 512 MB for one year and recently I started to get the following window warning message:

(The message is actually in spanish, this is just a translation)

Nvidia System Sentinel informs that the graphics card is not being supplied enough power.

In order to avoid possible damage to the hardware or a system failure, the graphics processor has reduced its performance to a level which will allow safe operations to be performed continously.

What does this mean? I have checked the graphics card and it seems to be properly connected. I haven't touched anything since I had it installed.
Any ideas?

Thank you

Carlos Fornieles

01-17-08, 07:50 AM
Perhaps your PSU has been damaged or is slowly dieing. PSU's lose their potential over time and degrade.

I would try a new PSU and see if that fixes it.