View Full Version : HP m8120n Hard Drive Strategy Guidance Requested

01-17-08, 02:07 PM
A couple of years ago I upgraded my HP Pavilion 514n by having a 200 GB Seagate internal hard drive added to it. The 514n came with a 60 GB hard drive which served as the machine's C: drive. This summer I purchased an HP Media Center PC model m8120n, which comes with a drive bay which can be used for adding removable drives.

The C: drive of the old 514n has totally crashed. I would like to take the 200 GB Seagate internal drive out of that older PC and make it available for use on my Media Center PC. But I'm not sure which is the best strategy for doing that.

Can I simply insert the Seagate drive into the Media Center PC's drive bay?
Or do I need to put the 200 GB drive into some sort of case before it can be plugged into the newer PC's drive bay? If so, what kind of case might I need?
Or should I ignore the newer PC's drive bay altogether and mount the hard drive internally into the m8120n?

As you no doubt know, the m8120n comes with Vista home premium installed. I actually find that faster than running XP on my old 514n. But Vista does have its frustrations. Particularly when trying to run the Excel portion of Microsoft Office 2003. So I'm thinking of using the 200 GB Seagate drive as a base to allow me to dual boot XP.

Any comments, suggestions, or guidance tips would be greatly appreciated.