View Full Version : BFG 8800 gt 512 install and mod

01-19-08, 05:39 AM
Upgraded my basic HP Vista 32, intel 6600 quad. I removed the 300 watt PSU and installed a PC Power and Cooling 750 watt Silencer. Tight fit, since I have two DVD drives, but it does fit okay. I removed my low end Nividia GE Force 8400 card and installed the BFG 8800 GT OC 512. BFG tech help was very good. I followed instructions and removed the Nividia drivers by using the remove programs feature in the control panel. I shut the computer down and installed the new card. Prior to that I had downloaded the new BIOS for this particular card on the BFG site. The new BIOS, 1f.00.18, is supposed to allow for automatic fan increase up to 100%, depending on load. After start up, I double-clicked on the .exe of the BIOS and it installed. I then installed the 169.25 Nvivia drivers I had stored on a SanDIsk USB 4 gig memory. Everything seems to work fine. The card idles at 65C which is normal for this card. My case is tight, but I do have a small case fan, plus the PSU fan. I am leaving the side off right now. I scored a 11,531 on the 3DMark6 test, which puts me in the upper 90%. Would have gotten a GTS card, but did not have the room for a double slot card. Belatedly, but not too late, I removed the OC sticker on the fan hub, which was kind of loose!! Forum members have reported that it has come off and stuck in the housing. Thanks to those forum members. Fan is very quiet at normal setting. At 100%( during computer startup, it is quite noticeable)

01-19-08, 05:48 AM
Glad it worked out :D , though the idle temps are pretty high

01-20-08, 04:29 PM
i got the xfx gt xxx and it idles at 47-50 load 73 . have you got good case fans?

01-21-08, 04:12 AM
Case fan(single) is marginal. The unit is in an enclosed 3 side alcove in my desk unit. I have a decent fan coming to exhaust out the alcove area. Will report back if temps drop a little. I don't expect much.

01-21-08, 05:45 AM
Use Rivatuner and set the fan to 50%. Still silent and cools the card down quite a bit.
My GTS runs at 756mhz core for everyday use and idles at 46 degrees in a very warm room. I do have very good case ventilation though.

Edit: I hadn't had my morning coffee yet. I see you're talking about a GT. Me bad.

01-27-08, 05:31 AM
I used Ntune to set the fan to 47%, 50% gives a distinct extra whine noise. The core temps dropped from 64 to 56 C. Will put in a new exhaust fan soon and report back.