View Full Version : comptuer died what caused it?

01-21-08, 12:21 AM
My computer recently died and i am unsure why. I got that infamous burnt diode smell and immediately replaced my psu with a thermeltake toughpower 850 watt psu. I've recoonect the plugs and turned it on but it only turns on about 2 seconds. Upon inspection i notice that my gfx card and cpu smell as well. Is there a possibility that they got fried as well as the psu? The capacitors havn't bulged the only noticable thing is the smell please help thanks.

01-21-08, 12:26 AM
Well, it sounds like it's fried, like you said. I would guess it is the PSU but who knows. The burning smell also leads me to believe that it is fried.

01-21-08, 01:20 AM
you gave a "thumbs up" to your computer dying? :rofl

01-21-08, 01:45 AM
Someone murdered his computer.

bob saget
01-21-08, 03:08 AM
i'll go print off another obituary
third one this week


01-21-08, 01:26 PM
Sorry to hear this, but you will need to test each component to see whats bad and whats not.

01-21-08, 01:37 PM
you gave a "thumbs up" to your computer dying? :rofl
Daddy will buy another computer for him .:p