View Full Version : X-FI and Vista 64 equals no sound.

01-22-08, 04:40 PM
I tried there drivers and no sound. It works with XP and Vista 32 bit. But not with 64 bit, why? Does anyone know why?

Thanks for any help.

01-22-08, 05:05 PM
ur doin it wrong

01-22-08, 06:31 PM
Vista 64-bit and X-Fi here... no problem. Did you download and install 64-bit drivers instead of 32-bit drivers???

01-22-08, 06:48 PM
Hmmm ... i have exactly the same O\S and sound card! ... not a single issue here, are you using the latest drivers? first install the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series Vista Driver v2.15.0004 then install the Creative ALchemy (X-Fi Edition) v1.00.30 ... i would recommend installing the Creative Console Launcher v2.40.09.

Also as said make sure your using the x64bit drivers! ... have you got the latest vista service pack installed?

Click me! (http://uk.europe.creative.com/support/downloads/download.asp?MainCategory=209&nRegionFK=&nCountryFK=&nLanguageFK=&sOSName=Windows+Vista+64-bit&region=3&Product_Name=X-Fi+Xtreme+Gamer&Product_ID=15853&modelnumber=&driverlang=1033&OS=27&select=0&x=27&y=5)

01-22-08, 09:31 PM
I have the right drivers instaled. I just ininstall them and reinstall them. Still no sound. I am running dual boot. I just booted into XP and sound works. I'm just lost here.