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04-23-03, 11:10 PM
FedEX brought me my WD 80gig 8MB cache monster at 1PM today and I just NOW got done getting WindowsXP and my "can't live without" applications installed. :(

Grrrrr....12 hours later....:mad:

Damn Norton Ghost screwed me again!! Why can't any backup software just image the damn data?!? That's all I need - the data. Period. But nooooo...Norton Ghost wants it all - from the MBR and the partion table all the way those pointless files in your browser cache.

After I sliced this 80 gig up at 4 20 gig partitions, I go to restore my old C:Drive image only to find that it blew the FAT table and left me stuck with a C: drive that's 80gig. All the partitioning work beforehand? Flushed down the toilet...along with my original plan to be back up and running in an hour.

I would go into detail what happened next...but you people would really, really, really, really, laugh your lilly asses off and point the finger of blame at me. Even though I blame Norton Ghost (and continue to do so ferverently), you people would just die and I'd never live it down...:( :p

I told my best friend about the whole thing and his response was, "WTF, man?!? Did you get smoked with the newbie stick or what?!? How could you - the person who taught me 80% of what I know regarding computers - be so damned dense?!?"


Anyway, I like this new drive! :D

04-23-03, 11:11 PM
So is the 8MB cache any better performing than the regular 2MBs?

04-23-03, 11:26 PM
Haven't benched it or anything but I'd say it's quite a difference. With my old Maxtor, Outlook Express's splash screen would display for a good 2-3 seconds. On this WD drive, I barely even saw it - It was there and gone within a half-second (and I haven't defragged the wench yet)! :eek:

Also, I can read fairly fast. With the old Maxtor, I could read Installshield's verbose messages as it chugged along installing away. With this WD, the text is a blur, man and the status bar just races along. The extra 6MB of cache makes a very noticable difference in performance indeed. I read somewhere that the 80gig WDs perform just as good as their 120giggers.

Bout to re-install RTCW and SOF2 and see if that's faster. In the past, RTCW took about 6-8 minutes and SOF2 took about 10 minutes to fully install on my old 30Gig Maxtor (which is a slave drive now!). I wonder if the extra cache does help despite the bottlenecks of an ATA33 CD-ROM drive.

04-24-03, 06:46 AM
So you're the reason my drive was delayed in getting to my house! :mad:

Seriously, I ordered the same drive on Thursday of last week, and it got here Tuesday. I haven't had the time yet to do what you just did, but that's also in the plan. My only major change to it is that I want to move the WD onto the primary SATA controller of my A7N8X Deluxe.

The 80GB Maxtor I have now is a bit weird in that regard. I currently have 3 drives, two of which are now destined for other puters in the house. Of the three, using Highpoint SATA adapters, the two IBM 60GB drives are recognized fine by the onboard SATA controller. If I try to use the Maxtor the same way, the SATA bios screen appears, but doesn't see the drive. What's really strange (I expect that there are gonna be some drives that just won't work with an SATA adapter and the SIL controller)- the bios screen doesn't appear at all if I don't connect any drives to it, and only connecting the (*invisible*, remember) Maxtor up causes the bios to show?

Ah well, I have the WinXP drivers installed for the controller already, but I'm leaving the original stuff on the Maxtor in case it appears that just ghosting the stuff over and connecting the WD to the SATA controller isn't gonna cut it. (I know a much better route to get there, but I don't really want to spend half my day reinstalling XP and all the patches / service pack crap just because the boot volume isn't on a standard IDE controller..)

04-24-03, 09:43 PM
Slight increase of installing SOF2 & Wolf but not much. Still, the drive is excellent. I defragged with DiskKeeper earlier today while working on another machine. When DK was done, I had it do a boot defrag (BootVis makes my rig reboot for some reason) and that took less than 2 minutes. All it did was defrag the swapfile and Windows directory! :)

Okay...let me tell you the "funny" think I did.

After the Ghost clone backed up the Maxtor drive, it gave me what I wanted - 4 20Gig partions. The problem was with drive letters. The WD drive was booting from H: drive and Windows would not let me change the drive letter to C because it belonged to the Maxtor drive. Perterped beyond belief, I got mad and started nuking the paritions on the Maxtor, ignoring all warning from WinXP, and once done, I tried to switch H: to C: again.


Of course, upon reboot, things started to fail!
Gee, wonder why?!? :p

NORTON'S FAULT!! :angel: :mad:

Zonealarm and NAV had an "invalid path" fit. To make matters worse, I attempted to get online because I recall The Baron posting something recently about not being able to assign drive letters. Also, I desperately needed a shareware version of Cleansweep to fix my registry!!

Couldn't get online - I got burned by the "Unable To Obtain IP Address From DHCP" issue that is in Microsoft's database. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get an IP at all with my cable modem and I didn't know about this issue until 20 minutes before I made my initial post here (I saw the Hotfix at WindowsUpdate and about had a coniption!!)

04-25-03, 08:50 AM
I'm still planning to move my stuff from my Maxtor to the new WD this weekend, so I have to know- did you finally figure out how to get this move completed successfully, including the drive letters issue? (The boot volume / drive letter thing is what is worrying me most right now, because I really, no, make that really, don't want to have to do a clean install of Windows XP and all my apps. It's amazing how much someone can accumulate on a previously clean build in just two months. :D)

04-25-03, 12:19 PM
for that stuff I use Partition Magic, fixes all those paths and has a whole bunch of options for you to use to set up your HD the way you want it. Me likes, only HD problem I've ever had was when this peice-o-crap WD 80 Gig crashed a few times and killed some of my data, just waiting on the RMA now, gonna sell it and get a maxtor anyways:lol:

04-25-03, 01:47 PM
Which version of PM are you using, because I have 6 and 7, but haven't been too happy with either (I use NTFS with my XP Pro install, and for some reason, it always seems to get borked up if I do much at all in PM)?

04-25-03, 03:07 PM
been using 7 pro, gonna get the latest one out as soon as I get new HD.

What problems you runnin' into?

04-25-03, 05:00 PM
The last time I used it to join a couple (empty) partitions, XP reported all sorts of drive errors afterwards. Version 6 was even worse. I keep them around for emergencies just the same, but I try everything else I can think of before manipulating drives with them first.

It's no big deal, I guess. I just wondered if you'd been using a newer version, and if you were what sort of experience you had with it (I think 8's out now?).

04-25-03, 07:00 PM
Partition Magic destroyed my data last time I used it. I tried to make a backup copy of my drive and transfer it into another, connected into the same comp...for some reason, the backup img was damaged and I'm left with a drive with broken data. Had to reformat.