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01-25-08, 11:13 AM
Both single player and co-op based demo. I checked these guys out and played a bit at CES a couple weeks ago. I was not too impressed. I was told the game should ship at the end of Feb.

Try the single player and 2 player co-op demo of Conflict: Denied Ops!

Conflict: Denied Ops puts you in command of two hardened CIA paramilitary operatives in intense missions set across South America, Africa and Siberia. Experience ruthless real-world action. Go loud, go stealthy. Switch between your two-man squad under intense crossfire or join a buddy in the 2 player co-op campaign. Take cover as your surroundings are blown to pieces in massively destructible environments featuring Puncture Tech™.
Click here (http://gshadeidos.vo.llnwd.net/o10/s/demos/conflictdeniedops/conflictdeniedopsdemo.exe?e=1201284669&h=c2e4e2e609a4c52bd3ea201a8f81b7f2&filename=conflictdeniedopsdemo.exe) to download the demo

01-25-08, 11:52 AM
Although graphics dont look all that good but the gameplay could be worth it .. downloading ..


01-25-08, 01:14 PM

Other mirrors and lenguages .

01-25-08, 01:29 PM

01-25-08, 01:35 PM
dling now

01-25-08, 01:51 PM
just when I thought the Conflict series couldn't get any worse they had to go and release this :lol:

01-25-08, 02:24 PM
Pretty mediocre fps. I don't know why bad guys like to keep gas cylinders and fuel all over the place instead of in one storage area.

01-25-08, 03:07 PM
I think they used that random war game title generator for this one.

Conflict Ops: Desert Operations Secret Forces - Company Delta Squad 2

01-30-08, 09:00 AM
Finally got the game working after reading the readme file. :headexplode:

This game has some good stuff in it. :afro2: Really like the 'around the corner' tele-rifle; very sweet feature. Has near Stranglehold amounts of envirmnent destruction or objects. Lots of cool stuff to blow up with the handy cylinders all over. Point and click friendly AI control works well. Disliked the FOV and large reticule and for some reason FSAA wasnt working but didn't take the time to figure out why, was late last night when got game going finally.

01-30-08, 07:21 PM
Anyone get FSAA to work in this game?

02-02-08, 11:41 PM
SM3.0 is the minimum req .. my X800XT couldnt run it :lol:

02-06-08, 03:23 AM
Steam gives Deux Ex for free when prepurchasing Conflict Denied Ops before february 8th (12th on USA). Price is $49.95, available now.

02-06-08, 04:40 AM
Would more peopled be more tempted to buy this on steam if they had the offer:

$49.95 Deus Ex, now includes free conflict denied ops


02-06-08, 05:11 AM
how's Puncture Tech™?

02-06-08, 06:37 AM
Would more peopled be more tempted to buy this on steam if they had the offer:

$49.95 Deus Ex, now includes free conflict denied ops


that sounds like a better deal

i'm suprised no one is re-making deus ex. some type of community patches, HD textures would be nice.

02-06-08, 08:40 AM
Played the 360 demo... pretty horrible. Might look better with cranked res and AA, but... probably not.

02-08-08, 09:38 AM
I played the PC demo this morning, awful game. weapons have zero recoil and the graphics look like something from 2003. not to mention AI is non existing and the gameplay in-general feels incredibly tired. you have the right to DENY this game from ever reaching your shelf :D

02-08-08, 12:02 PM
This game sucks. :thumbdwn:

/End of thread.

02-08-08, 01:25 PM
I played Activision Values SOF3 and Battle For The Pacific, and it reminds me of both of those for some reason. Maybe its the type of crosshair they used, plus, some of the voice acting just has that cheesy lack of effort low quality sounding crap. Has that low budget feel to it.

Some parts of the game look cool and they have the "unique" weapon upgrades after you complete missions. Swapping between the 2 characters during gameplay is kinda cool tho, lets you flank or sneak around and attack from behind. But basically what theyve done is take all the weapons of a normal FPS and split them between 2 guys. One guy is somewhat finesse and the other is a heavy. Wears off kinda quick tho.

No edge of your seat stuff here. Works if your really bored and an FPS junkie.

02-08-08, 04:40 PM
So did they license the FarCry engine for this or something? Man some of this stuff just spews FarCry.

Well the more I play it, kinda grows on me. Full version that is :D