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01-25-08, 06:42 PM
Just thought this deserves its own thread, but for those who liked AO, but couldnt go back due to the graphics/controls, Id expect this should interest you


YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRmk0hZam7A)
Official News with higher quality videos (http://www.anarchy-online.com/wsp/anarchy/frontend.cgi?func=publish.show&template=content&func_id=2404&table=CONTENT)

Unfortunatly this isnt due until late 2008, but I will definently be going back when this is released, heck, ive even considered going back now, but its a long wait.

02-17-08, 09:14 AM
wow is it just the water though have there been more screenshots. are they adding normal mapping etc? I see some possible color correction there?

02-18-08, 02:17 AM
Its more then just the water, it has realtime lighting and outside terrain has been refined with better/more grass, + typical affects like normal mapping and specular, you see more in the video.

06-03-09, 05:43 PM
This still hasnt happend yet, and its been more then a year :o