View Full Version : so whats your suggestion???

01-27-08, 09:57 PM
I knew something was going wrong with my rig as XP would lock up on boot. I just thought it was time to format and reinstall, which I did and now I know that wasn't the problem.

I have ruled out ram, video, and cpu, and am pretty sure it's my mobo(doubtful its the psu) I think it's still under warranty and I probally will rma it to gigabyte.

I had been saving for a new rig and I am not anywhere near the funds that I was targeting for. ($2500) Was planning a 45nm quad and maybe a 780i with new 9x cards in sli.

My question is I can go with the 780i, and like the reviews from consumers, but the Q6600 is old and I want the best cpu for the money.

Never owned any wintel gear and wanted some feed back. The QXs are nice but I need sub $500.

01-29-08, 04:58 PM
wait a little bit