View Full Version : Lost Planet Saves

Mr Bigman
01-29-08, 02:48 PM
Anyone know where the lostplanet saved games are stored?

I checked comon appdata in steam and its not their.

I thought it would be in my docs but not their either.

Anyone know where these saves are?

I want to pull them from old to new game dir.

01-29-08, 03:07 PM
Save files are here -

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\capcom\lostplanet

You will have to choose to show hidden files and folders first in the tools/folders option.

Mr Bigman
01-29-08, 03:08 PM
Ouch that explains it.

Thanks so much but already wiped that area out so oh well.

01-29-08, 03:19 PM