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01-29-08, 06:19 PM
It’s no surprise to any of us that male gamers tend to like looking at photos of hot chicks. A new site has surfaced that aims to help you guys out. It’s called Chikipedia and it’s more or less the “Wikipedia” for hot chicks around the world. Of course , the site isn’t just full of gaming-related females, but there’s quite a few there. So far you can find pages for Jade Raymond and Jessica Chobot, but the site is still lacking when it comes to gamer females. The site works just like Wikipedia in the respect that users can upload photos and information to go along with entries on each “chick”.

Source (http://news.filefront.com/chikipedia-aims-to-make-gamers-and-others-happy/)

Chikipedia Site (http://www.chickipedia.com/index.php/)

(nana2) :captnkill:

01-29-08, 06:27 PM
They should hire SLippe .. he will be of a great contribution :D

01-29-08, 08:42 PM
that is the best website ever

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01-29-08, 10:24 PM
why is this in gaming central?

01-29-08, 10:29 PM
why is this in gaming central?
I don't know, couldn't think a better section for it:o Mods can move it to general if they feel like:)

01-29-08, 11:37 PM

Classic! I'm saving this one.

bob saget
01-30-08, 02:27 AM
lol cool site
some like random "normal" women added themselves. *shakes head*

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01-30-08, 07:56 AM
I don't know, couldn't think a better section for it:o Mods can move it to general if they feel like:)
Yeah, that would have been a better choice. :D

Nitz Walsh
01-30-08, 09:11 AM
FINALLY a place to find women on the Internet!!!!! :captnkill:

01-30-08, 09:26 AM
All was well browsing threw the front page Jessica Alba is always welcome on my browser.

BUT.. then I scroll down and under the title hottest was this skank.. :barf:

01-31-08, 12:52 AM
Yeah...I only looked at the front page thus far, but FREAKING HAGGARD JENNA is the HOTTEST?!? WTF is that about? I mean, yeah, back in the day she was hot (but not the hottest even then), but now she just looks like ass...

01-31-08, 05:15 PM
Clicking on Random Chick got me this..


Random face parts ?

Still this is a really polished slick site ,Wheres the ads at?