View Full Version : PSU About To Pop?

01-29-08, 06:46 PM
I've got a OCZ 520w Powerstream PSU. Had for what must be about 3 or more years. I noticed a very quiet electric hiss/wine/clicking when I would scroll up and down with my mouse wheel. I thought the USB plug might be loose. Then I noticed it during gaming and for a solid sec on post.
I'm almost 100% sure the noise is the PSU. I've noticed when the PC is powered down, PSU is on but not powered up it makes very quiet hiss for about 1sec every 3 second. Shut off the PSU and it stops.
And now it randomly will not power up. LEDs flash and Fans spin for just a sec and then off. I shut off the PSU, wait a bit and she'll power right up, performs fine.

I'm going to open up the PSU as soon as I can but any thoughts?
It's not hot, fans are good, good airflow, 45-70f ambient temp. All lights green adj pots never adjusted.

01-29-08, 09:01 PM
how long does the warranty last on those?

01-30-08, 12:29 AM
5 years

RMA it, honestly... they are great with RMA's. My fan controller went out (100% fan instead of variable) and apparently that is a valid reason for an RMA, so they even gave me a gamerxstream instead of an old refurbished powerstream

01-30-08, 01:19 PM
Wow 5 years is right. I think I'll give them a call as soon as I can. I thougth maybe 2 or 3 but 5 is just awesome. Thanks you guys.