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01-30-08, 04:10 AM
Well so far i decided i think Dual Core is probably the best way to go for now, they run faster and games dont seem to be taking 4 cores to good use...unless things change fast in the next year or so..

For the moment..
E8500 for sure.
2GB ram..thinking 4GB..but then thinking Vista64..then thinking..SLI?...then thinking drivers :headexplode:.
Already got the HDDs sorted.
For case i think..i might go Antec 900 gaming case..it looks great, the wire management is something drawback on this case, but i saw a youtube video of a guy who did a really great job of getting the wires from the side, so i might actually try something like that or atleast i have the idea where to put the wires..

GPU..still deciding..i like 8800GT price value point, plus its a very solid card for games, but i want to wait till the 9800GX2 comes out, i really like the 7950GX2 apart from the SLI issues (which effects all sli rigs) on Vista on some games..it runs great on XP and really lasted me a really long time. So i want the motherboard hopefully be compatible with GX2..which i am hoping will be ok for all motherboards?

Motherboard...confused here.. See above.. I am thinking going intel rather than nforce, as i dont want to do SLI (excluding GX2).

I am thinking also maybe its time to give up the CRT and move to LCD screen..but i really hate the fact that they can screw up (dead pixels/etc) and can be a pain to get it fixed...meh its last priority anyway.

Got a 750W Toughepower so i think i have enuf juice.

So..my question atm is with Memory brand/type (soo many types out there)..and the motherboard..(x38/p35? what are these?!).

ATM my plan is to get what i can exluding the GPU, and upgrade / build the new pc and use my 7950GX2 till the 9800GX2 comes out, hopefully the motherboard i decide to pick up will with the GX2...or i am hoping that they should work on the fly -.-....

As u can see my current rig..very old, purchased long time ago, used it for quiet awhile and isen't terrible, but it does 'chug' now in some of the recent games (no not crysis...crysis chugs on everything).

Also i would like this new rig to be Vista..i have fingers cross that SP1/by the time i have everything ready Vista will be alot more friendly to SLI users and hopefully my games will run on it.

Anyway any advice is welcome, i am trying to make the most out of my $, i am not too keen on the o/c..but i can see that the c2d chips can be pushed really far..i might just push a bit if needed..but will leave that to the end, first thing is getting it to work on stock, then tinker :).


01-30-08, 11:56 AM
Definitely Intel Chipset and DDR2 (4 or 8GB). P35 (ASUS P5K series for example) would be a very good choice or the new ASUS Rampage X48 which is such a great board :drooling:
im goin with the DFI P35 motherboard.

to the OP:

go with 4GB of RAM
get Vista 64
dont bother with SLi, go with an 8800GTX. rumor is the 9800GTX wont be a huge performance increase over the 8800GTX.

that's my two cents.

02-01-08, 05:43 PM
Gigabyte P35-DS3L (s775)
Gigabyte P35-S3 (s775)
Asus P5K-SE-IP35 s(775)
Gigabyte P35-DS3 (s775)
Gigabyte P35-DS3 Pro (s775)
Gigabyte P35-DS3R
Gigabyte P35C-DS3R
Gigabyte P35-DS4
MSI P35-Platinum 1333mhz FSB, DDR2 800
Asus P5K-DELUXE-WIFI (s775)

Wtf..soo many Gigabytes?! The MSI one is the most expensive followed by ASUS...

02-01-08, 06:18 PM
Gigabyte P35-DS4
INTEL CORE2DUO E8400 3.00Ghz/1333 (The extra cost on the 8500 seem just gay -.-, rather put that into the motherboard or ram)
Corsair 2GB KIT TWIN2X2048-6400C4 (Should i go for the 8500?!)
Antec Nine Hundred 900 Gaming Case

For the GPU i am gonna use my current one till the new gpus come out from nvidia and then buy which eva is best then, but i will have everything else ready..

Any comments/feedback?

Also no IDE ports in the motherboard ><..have to buy a new DVDRW.

02-01-08, 06:45 PM
As 4gb isn't that much of an issue yet, you can get away w/ 2gb and then buying another two later if you're on a tight budget.
If you want to use 4gb though, I'd strongly recommend to use XP64 instead of Vista, as performance in DX9/XP is quite a bit better than DX10/Vista.
Just look here for a comparison:

For the mainboard, get a P35 or X38 one, together w/ a set of 2x1 or 2x2gb G.Skill pc800 cl4 memory.
If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, you can also get one of the new X38 boards w/ ddr3 support and ddr3 memory (e.g. patriot viper pc1600 cl7 got a good review recently) :captnkill:

dont bother with SLi, go with an 8800GTX. rumor is the 9800GTX wont be a huge performance increase over the 8800GTX.
Agreed :D

02-01-08, 07:11 PM
I would get the 4gb g.skill kit over the corsair memory... for the price the corsair kit isn't worth it.