View Full Version : Halo Wars (X360) Also Coming to PC?

01-30-08, 05:13 AM
Halo Wars is a strategy game based on the Halo universe where players command armies of familiar and new UNSC units in its initial encounters against the Covenant, an alien coalition threatening to obliterate mankind. Citing reliable inside sources, the Angry Pixel blog claims that Halo Wars is coming to PC, and feature cross-platform play, co-op, map editor, no resource and unit management usually found in the Age of Empires series, and possibly even user content playable on X360.

01-30-08, 05:16 AM
What about Halo3 first?

01-30-08, 05:25 AM
halo 3 might be in the works, GDC maybe

01-30-08, 07:59 AM
Who cares about Halo 3. This looks far more interesting, especially if cross-platform play actually works out.

Nitz Walsh
01-30-08, 09:10 AM
Who cares about Halo 3.
I do.

....at 60fps, mouse/keyboard control, better textures, higher res with AA, a proper editor and not just Halo-Lego, etc. (nana2)

01-30-08, 09:47 AM
Wasn't Halo 1 originally supposed to be an RTS on the PC? We've come full circle!

01-30-08, 07:40 PM
I sure hope it's for PC as well. I love RTS and the videos look amazing for this game. But I won't buy it for X360. I don't buy into the FPS mouse/keyboard crap, but I get frustrated enough with RTS with a mouse already- anything less mousey than a mouse would cause more frustration than enjoyment


01-30-08, 08:48 PM
We need some good racing games like FM or PGR we've got many good RTS and Starcraft II is coming.

01-30-08, 10:48 PM
Wasn't Halo 1 originally supposed to be an RTS on the PC? We've come full circle!

It was originally planned to be an RTS/FPS combo where people could command large scale forces and play individual roles, but Bungie were also dying to connect it with the Marathon universe so they wrote a couple of blurbs on a super soldier's life in that universe and then decided it was better to concentrate on the FPS aspect and leave the RTS stuff to Blizzard. They two companies were even in talks early on to possibly share ip before Bungie were intensely courted by Apple and then MS for exclusivity.

Who knows where the Bliz/Bungie mix might've led? Would've been interesting

01-30-08, 11:20 PM
Won't we see Halo 3 on PC in 2010? By then it's graphics will look bad. Wait, it already does look bad