View Full Version : No mod tools for Airbone - it's all Epic's fault

01-30-08, 05:21 PM
EA has announced today that because the version of the Unreal engine Epic supplied them for the development of Airborne did not support modding. Ea can not offer any tools to mod Airborne..

I can see why BIA has delayed their game for so long... It's all Epics fault.

Hey everyone -

I'm sorry this is coming later than I anticipated but here's the info on the mod tools for Airborne:

I've been working with people on the team, including our technical director, and unfortunately I have to report that we won't be delivering mod tools for Airborne. The simple honest answer is that the version of Unreal Engine 3 we used to ship Airborne did not support modding. We have been involved in several code updates since the ship of the game, but the varied costs of integrating a newer version of UE3 backwards into Airborne to allow modding is prohibitive. There is too much code we'd have to update, and it would essentially mean rebuilding too much of the game's architecture.

Had Epic been farther along with UT3 while we were developing Airborne, things would have been different, but that is unfortunately what happens when you develop a game while the technology is still being developed.
Source: http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?threadID=332397&tstart=0

01-30-08, 05:35 PM
LOL, and this is epic's fault how?

01-30-08, 05:36 PM
wouldn't modders just use ut3 or something, not like airborne was that great amirite?

01-30-08, 05:43 PM
Right now all the files are encrypted so you can't even mod the basic stuff for the most part. However this was basically the tools for the community to release custom made maps for the game.

01-30-08, 05:58 PM
I dout its Epics fault, I be EA just doesn't want to pay for the updated Engine. I mean Ubisoft came across the same issue with the Unreal Engine 2 and Raven Shield. The game ended up having tons of issues that could have been fixed if the games engine had been updated but Ubisoft never cared to pay for the update rather focus on a new game.