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01-31-08, 01:57 PM
hi i have a acer aspire t180 and i reinstalled windows. but the ATI driver i downloaded is old or just bad because when i scroll it is wierd i cant explain it and when i tried to play a game a message came up so i googled it and they said it is your ATI driver you need to update it but i have no clue how or where so please help me find one or email me at DJ.Loucious.Dreams@live.ca to tell me how to update it

01-31-08, 02:42 PM
Assuming you are not a spam bot, I'll help with a post, but won't be emailing...

Google tells me the computer you listed is a Nvidia 6100 system. Therefore you need the Nvidia drivers for it, not ATI.
Here they are for Windows XP:

Here are the graphics drivers if you need them, also for Windows XP: