View Full Version : Asus P5KD and 4GB

01-31-08, 10:07 PM
I'm looking to move to Vista 64 soon and want to get 4GB. I am running some CAS 5 lower end Corsair 6400 800 right now, got it cheap and planned to go 4GB anyway. I have 2GB right now. According to the memory chart on this board, the P5KD wasn't rated for 4 sticks of Corsair 1GB, but I saw on some forums people are running it and that list is old (May 2007).

I'm running a E6850, so 1066 would be ok, if the board can do it. I was thinking on the Gskill that's on NewEgg right now for $114, 2 x 2G sticks.

Anyone have this board and running 4GB? Advice? I am running the 603 BIOS.

01-31-08, 10:59 PM
You can run 8GB of that G.Skill ram on it no problem. Tested with the 0703 and 0705 bios -which are a nice improvement over the older bios'.