View Full Version : Soo... the SSC card is the hardest to get or what..?

02-04-08, 02:57 PM
I see 8800GTS 512mb's in stock from eVGA and stuff.. but their "SSC" card which has a higher clock speed isn't in stock anywhere. I'm guessing those are all sold out because they're going to be faster and more reliable? Because I keep hearing people saying that it's hard to get their hands on one of "those" when I see 8800GTS 512mb's in stock all the time. I guess they're looking for the SSC versions.

02-04-08, 10:18 PM
SSC versions are "handpicked' versions of the same video card. they are very pure models that can withstand a heavy beating, which is why they are spec'd the way they are.

The SSC cards are harder to come by, but I don't think it's because EVGA isn't making enough. They're just not as common.

02-04-08, 10:22 PM
I've seen the SSC versions In Stock on Newegg.com, but yes, it's hard to catch them.

02-04-08, 10:30 PM
Every time I check newegg or tigerdirect they always have them in stock, as well as plenty of the "hard to find" 8800GTs... They don't seem very hard to come by at all.

02-04-08, 10:36 PM
no 8800GT instead? i have a superclocked card. it was easy to find.